Huskies rely on ‘Dog Pound’

By John Dietz

The Huskies men and women’s basketball teams are getting an extra boost this year from a growing group of fans known as the “Dog Pound.”

They are easily recognized as the group of fans dressed in red T-shirts behind the opponent’s backboard, razzing refs and opponents alike.

The pound was relatively new last year and has seen its membership balloon in size this season. These dogs show loyalty by, regardless of the score, standing during the entire game.

Another distinct feature is the chants the pound comes up with during the game. Pound member John Coleman said, “‘The ref beats his wife’ and ‘sit down coach’ are two favorites.

“We have fun making fun of the other teams players and mascots,” Coleman added.

Another member, Pat Dell, said, “I enjoy being part of the pound because it’s the group that gets the crowd excited when the team needs that extra push.”

That was clearly demonstrated Monday night against Wright State when the Huskies were losing by 18 points with ten minutes remaining. With the rest of the crowd virtually silent, the pound kept the noise level up and the team responded by cutting the lead down to seven in less than five minutes.

Head coach Brian Hammel has taken to sporting a Dog Pound T-shirt during recent games. Hammel made an extra effort to show his support after Saturday’s win against Illinois-Chicago by coming over to give them a thumbs-up after the game.