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Olivia Rodrigo spills 5 new ‘GUTS’ songs

Gabby Crabtree
Olivia Rodrigo stands on stage in a silver outfit during her March 12 performance in St. Louis. Rodrigo has released five new songs on Friday. (Gabby Crabtree | Northern Star)

Around 9 p.m. on a chilly, March 19 evening, Olivia Rodrigo announced five new songs during her show in Chicago. 

With a little over six months since the release of her sophomore album, “GUTS,” Rodrigo surprised fans with the new songs and announced a music video for one of the new releases, “obsessed,” via her Instagram

The addition of these five songs make up “GUTS (spilled).” 


This first song is no stranger to fans of Rodrigo as she first unofficially released it on the “GUTS” exclusive vinyl edition. It can be theorized that because of its popularity, and of fan’s nagging requests for her to release it, Rodrigo decided “obsessed” would be one of the songs on “GUTS (spilled).” 

Rodrigo sings about being obsessed with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, talking about stalking the ex on social media and knowing every little thing about her, such as her blood type and star sign. 

One reason why Rodrigo is so popular with teenage girls and young women is because her music is relatable. Rodrigo’s worry that her boyfriend will hold her to his ex-girlfriend’s standards and looks is an almost universal experience for girls and boys alike. 

“so american”

Believe it or not, “so american” is Rodrigo’s first love song in her discography. The song is likely about her boyfriend Louis Partridge, an actor from the U.K. who has starred in films such as “Enola Holmes” and “Argylle.” Rodrigo sings how this guy always says she’s “so American” whenever she laughs or jokes around. She finds this flattering and romantic, as she repeats “Oh, God, I’m gonna marry him / if he keeps this s– up.” 

This is a favorite of mine from “GUTS (spilled)” simply because it’s not a sad song that makes your heart break. It’s upbeat, catchy and knowing  almost certainty that it’s about Partridge makes me more giddy. 


Rodrigo lulls listeners into this somber tune as she thinks about a relationship that just ended. It’s easy to picture her on her bedroom floor singing this song while softly strumming the guitar used to carry “stranger” through its three minutes and 12 seconds. 

Rodrigo sings about how her ex-boyfriend is now out of her life and she feels desolate waking up and going about her days. The guy is a stranger to her now, a stranger she knows everything about. 

Olivia Rodrigo floats over a crowd in a moon prop. Rodrigo’s five new songs make up “GUTS (spilled).” (Gabby Crabtree | Northern Star)

“scared of my guitar” and “girl i’ve always been”

These two remaining songs are not my favorite, but their lyricism remains beautiful and a stand-out feature. In “scared of my guitar,” Rodrigo tells listeners her guitar is one of the things in this world that knows her best. She writes songs with it and it has heard her through all her heartbreak, happiness and recovery. Perhaps she is scared that she’s been so vulnerable with it.

“girl i’ve always been” is about an occurrence Rodrigo had with a guy, who claims she changed into something cold and mean. Rodrigo assures him that who she is now is who she has always been, and he knew from the beginning.

This track is the only one I don’t favor, but I wouldn’t say it’s bad. The rhythm is a little too slow for my taste, but I appreciate the musical output.

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