Passion Pit album relates family, loss

By Andrew Roberts

Meloncholy lyrics fused with strong synth beats rule in the third album from indie pop group Passion Pit.

Entitled “Kindred,” and for good reason, the lyrics from the album’s songs speak of family and loss like in “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim.”

“My brother taught me how to give,” sang Passion Pit lead singer Michael Angelakos, much in tune to past Passion Pit albums. “He spilled his love until it stretches too thin. Oh, how I wanna be like him. He takes away the weight before your heart gives in.”

The strong vocals of lead singer Angelakos blend in well with sharp electronic tones, creating a package that is very unique to Passion Pit, yet doesn’t explore in other directions.

There are some clear standouts on this album, especially the song “Where the Sky Hangs.” This song is filled with electronic vibes, but also elements of funk that really let the song shine. As the album progresses it breifly falls into messy overproduction, but that doesn’t muddy the rest of the songs.

A few other songs that stand out are the bombastic opening number, “Lifted Up (1985)” and the emotional “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim.” The driving synth of “Lifted Up (1985)” is downright exhilarating and would fit quite well in the year its title mentions, with its strong electronic beats similar to a classic 80s film. “My Brother Taught Me How to Swim” is intimate, both in its lyrical nature and pulsing sound that envelopes the listener, much like crashing waves in an ocean.

The last song to mention is the subdued lullaby “Dancing on the Grave.” This piece is a calm and quiet song filled with beauty, both in its lyrics and gentle tones.

Of the band’s previous albums like “Gossamer,” this is perhaps its weakest, though comparing anything to that monumental sophomore album is rather unfair.

Still, “Kindred” has its charms and is certainly worth picking up, especially for the songs mentioned.