College Life Hacks: How to cook and make coffee with limited means

By Walter Douglas

Cooking in college with limited supplies can be hard, but using these life hacks will make it simple for anyone.

One of my favorites breakfast food is scrambled eggs, but you can only make them on the stove — until now. I have found a way to make scrambled eggs in a microwave and make them taste the exact same as if they were made on the stove.

Items you will need: mug, two eggs, nonstick cooking spray, milk and shredded cheese

1. Spray the mug with the nonstick cooking spray. Make sure to get every spot, but also make sure to not spray too much to the point where you can see the spray building up.

2. Crack the two eggs in the mug, but don’t scramble them yet.

3. Add the milk and shredded cheese to the mug.

4. Heat the mug inside of the microwave for 45 seconds.

5. Take the mug out and then stir the ingredients.

6. Heat for another 45 seconds.

7. Take out the mug and stir it to make sure it is fully cooked. The eggs should be a solid throughout. The consistency should be fluffy and light.

Voila, you have scrambled eggs. If you want to add salt and pepper or spices you can also put them inside to make your eggs fit your style.

I know that most college students need one or two or three cups of coffee to wake up in the morning and to function properly during a day of hard classes. If you don’t have a coffee maker, that’s OK. You won’t need to go to Starbucks to get your fix because you will be able to make your own.

Items you will need: disposable cups, coffee mug, coffee filter, rubber bands and hot water

1. Take the disposable cup and cut the bottom of it out so the bottom is open.

2. Take the coffee filter and place it inside the disposable cup. Make sure to have some of the filter draping the rim of the cup.

3. Put rubber bands around the filter to make sure it stays secure inside the cup. You will most likely need two rubber bands to be safe.

4. Place the amount of coffee you use for a single cup inside the filter.

5. Place the disposable-cup-turned-coffee-maker on top of the coffee mug.

6. Get some hot water and pour it on top of the coffee grounds. Watch it filter through and come through the filter as coffee.

Now you have a nice cup of java and can function like a human for those 8 a.m. classes.

When I use a microwave I usually have more than one thing to warm up and I do not like waiting to take turns warming up the food. With this simple solution I can put several bowls in the microwave and feast like a king.

Items you will need: mug, bowl of food and another bowl of food

1. Place the first bowl of food you want to heat up in the microwave.

2. Now grab a mug.

3. Place the other bowl of food you have on top of the mug.

4. Place the mug — aka the bowl stand — inside the microwave and both bowls should now fit with ease. Make sure the bowl on top of the mug isn’t too close to the side of the microwave to avoid spills.

5. Warm up your food.

Now you have your food warmed up in record time and can go back to sitting on the couch, watching tv or just lounging around.