Kings of Leon new album is no bull

By Katie Lavelle

Kings of Leon grabs the bull by the horns with its new album.

The rock group’s sixth album, “Mechanical Bull,” is a perfect comeback album after the band has been out of the public’s eye for three years. The brothers and cousin had several ups and downs in the past. After a break, they bring no disappointment with “Mechanical Bull.”

The album takes a step back from the band’s southern rock feel and adds more of an alternative and blues mix. The songs in “Mechanical Bull” have a slower feel than in Kings of Leon’s previous albums, but these are definitely the kind of songs that fit any mood.

While I didn’t think any of the songs could replace my love for “Sex On Fire,” “Supersoaker” and “Beautiful War” were close. These two are the best on the album. The catchy songs, which have gripping lyrics, stick out from other tracks.

“Supersoaker” was very upbeat with a great rhythm. Every album needs one song that pieces the rest of the album together, and “Supersoaker” is that song. I wouldn’t say it ventured off from previous Kings of Leon’s rock style; however, it still has a happy, radio-friendly feel.

The lyrics in “Beautiful War” is a slow-paced track in six-eight time. The unhurried song also includes thought-provoking lyrics. “Beautiful War” is exactly what the band needed to get a heartfelt reaction from its fans.

Perfection is subjective in music and one song was far from it. “Coming Back Again” felt repetitive and too much like other songs on the album. The lyrics didn’t really stand out and felt too slow. It’s a song that slips under the radar. “Coming Back Again” won’t be on repeat on my iPod.

The group’s use of bad press, up and downs and time away from the spotlight were all utilized to create a great album.