Four quick fashion tips to enhance your style

By Katie Lavelle


Flannel shirts can be worn for many more reasons beside a country look. It makes for a great effortless fall look. It is casual, clean cut and easy to accessorize.

Flannel is meant for a basic look; you can’t overdue it with bold clothing items.


Wear stripes when feeling risky.Stripes are one of the hardest trends to pull off.

“… Stripes don’t flatter every figure,” according to Fox News Magazine.

It just comes down to finding the right striped shirt that flatters any body shape. With every new trend, you have to learn to wear it in a confident way.

“It always depends on what kind of stripes,” said Caitlin Wright, senior textiles, apparel and merchandising major. “Horizontal doesn’t look as good on certain body types, but vertical looks good on almost everyone. Black and white stripes are huge right now.”

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are not only a great clothing item to keep you warm, but they are an essential chic item for the wardrobe. It makes any simple outfit look stylish.

“A leather jacket is the only fashion outfit that can be styled in such a way that you can wear them for [both] formal and informal events,” according to Lamonacor Magazine. There are many looks you can put together with leather jackets. Combined with a scarf and boots, it’s a good way to make a bold look.


Watches are a simple and stylish way to complete your fall outfit.

“Watches are the acceptable face of male jewelry: bangles can be iffy, signet rings dodgy, ear studs a no-no and gold chains risible,” according to Jeremy Langmead from

Watches have come a long way since great-grandfather’s pocket watch. Unlike women’s trends that come and go, men’s watches have been fashionable for years because it’s a classic accessory men can use to express their personality.

“I like to have an assorted color and style of watches so that I’ll have one to go with every outfit,” said senior business major Ian Town.

Different styles of men’s watches add a nice touch to an outfit.

“Watches are sharp and classy; they’re an accessory to an outfit, status symbol and method of time keeping,” said Griffin Curcio, senior corporate communication major.