Informal recruitment tips

By Kennedy Jones

With the spring semester beginning, sororities on campus will start informal recruitments. This time around, instead of girls spending a full weekend in dresses and heels, they get to spend one or two nights out of the week in casual outfits.

Informal recruitment is when a sorority hosts a simple get together to meet potential members.

Here are some tips and tricks for informal recruitment:

Look at social media accounts

By checking out Panhellenic social media accounts you can see any posts related to informal recruitment involving the time, date, location and theme for that sorority. Pay close attention to the date and time because it could be one or two nights during the week, and each chapter has different time for their recruitment. Each sorority has its own theme for the night as well, which could be anything from pizza night to hot chocolate.

Be yourself.

With informal recruitment being more relaxed, it’s easier for girls to be themselves. Don’t be afraid sororities want girls who are true to themselves and aren’t afraid to show it. With that being said, you don’t want to show up to recruitment in sweatpants and a ratty T-shirt. It’s a casual event so an outfit with ripped jeans, a cute top and sneakers, for example, will do the trick.

Attend as many events as you can.

Between informational meetings organized by the Panhellenic Council and each sorority’s recruitment, there are plenty of chances to ask questions if you need to. By attending more than one sorority recruitment, you will get a feel as to how informal recruitment works because each chapter is different. With sororities only getting a limited number of new members to take in, it is important to meet with as many chapters as you can to improve your odds of getting accepted.

Enjoy yourself.

Informal recruitment is a memorable and fun experience you can only get in college. Take the process seriously, because that one night could change the course of your college career.

These tips and tricks are meant to guide you through informal recruitment in the hopes it will be less nerve racking in the days or hours leading up to recruitment.