Wishing that safety services could be used

By Letter Writer

While everybody is talking about safety tips and how we all should use the services provided by NIU, I wonder how many people have actually been successful in using them.

On the day the police announced that they had arrested a man for Toni Keller’s case, I tried to call Late Night Ride bus. The line was busy all the time, and after half an hour of trying to reach them, I finally gave up.

I called the security escort, and they said that I lived too far to walk me home (and I live just 1.5 blocks from campus). They recommended that I call Late Night Ride (already tried!) or Huskie patrol. Unfortunately, it was a weekend night and this service is available only during the week.

So what choices did I have? To walk home alone or stay overnight in the Student Center? If I had known that I wouldn’t be able to rely on the NIU services, I would have prearranged my return home or I wouldn’t have stayed so late on campus. I’m glad we have all these services, but I wish I could actually use them.

Elena Doludenko

Graduate student

English major