Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #39


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Weekly Spotify playlist:

Madelaine’s picks

  1. Kid Bloom – “Different State of Mind”
  2. Santigold – “Who I Thought You Were”
  3. Wallows – “I Don’t Want to Talk”

Alternative indie band Kid Bloom has a unique sound, with some of their songs featuring elements and undertones of R&B. “Different State of Mind” comes off of the band’s EP “A Different State of Mind.” This dream-pop inspired song is a must for anyone’s playlist as it’s an easy listen to study or drive to. 

“Who I Thought You Were” is a song featured in the film “The Edge of Seventeen,” a coming-of-age comedy. Santigold, real name Santi White, is a singer-songwriter and a part of the alternative indie genre. The song features lyrics about someone you once knew becoming rich and famous, but becoming someone completely different as a result. Although the lyrics aren’t so cheery, the song itself has an upbeat sound throughout.

“I Don’t Want to Talk” is a newly-released single from alternative band Wallows. The band has a very distinctive sound throughout their discography, but each song can still stand on its own without sounding repetitive, and with over eight million monthly listeners on Spotify, it seems like they’re doing something right. This song features lyrics about being scared to spend less time with someone you like and worrying that someone else may catch their attention. All of this is set to a bright, rhythmic drum beat. 

Claudie’s picks

  1. Glee Cast – “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”
  2. Peach PRC – “God Is A Freak”
  3. Alicia Keys, Kendrick Lamar – “It’s On Again”

“Glee,” which aired on FOX from 2009 to 2015, generally gets a bad rep surrounding the songs they performed on the show, but if you listen carefully you’ll find a great deal of hidden gems. “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” was performed at a nationals competition at the end of Season 3 and arguably helped them secure their win. Throughout the song there are rhythm changes and amazing harmonies to make the perfect upbeat, go-to song. 

With 1.9 million followers on TikTok, Peach PRC had been teasing the release of her new single “God Is A Freak” for weeks, and it finally dropped Feb. 4. The song has a very upbeat vibe to it to juxtapose the much more serious lyrics. With Peach PRC’s unique pop style of music, there’s so much to discover from her and she’s going to be one to keep track of for years to come. 

“It’s On Again” was written specifically for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” movie in 2014. Closing out the movie in the credits, the song talks about the struggles of being a hero and how you always have to keep going. With a beautiful R&B style and meaningful lyrics, it’s arguably one of the best end-credit songs in the Marvel Universe. 

Daija’s picks

  1. Taylor Swift – “Cruel Summer”
  2. Emanuel – “Thought It’d Be Easy”
  3. Gerry Rafferty – “Right Down the Line”

“Cruel Summer” is a song off Swift’s album “Lover” and is an upbeat anthem about navigating the uncertainty of a new relationship. Swift’s specialty is writing bridges in most of her songs and this one is no different. It’s addicting that you have no choice but to scream it every time it comes on.

Emanuel is perfect for fans of Frank Ocean and R&B in general as his vocals and lyrics touch the soul. You feel the pain and passion in his voice throughout “Thought It’d Be Easy” as he reflects on a past relationship and finds that he is lost without her.

“Right Down the Line” is the type of song you turn on and immediately start dancing as the groovy beat takes control of your whole body. Recently featured in an episode of the show “Euphoria,” there’s a good reason as to why the main character is shown dancing freely around her house as this song plays in the background. Rafferty details how his wife has helped with his alcoholism and is somebody he can always lean on. 

Bailey’s picks

  1. NIKI – “Every Summertime”
  2. Frank Ocean – “Lost”
  3. bbno$, Diamond Pistols – “help herself”

“Every Summertime” is an upbeat R&B/soul song that lyrically explains an aging relationship. Other than the catchy chorus and beat, the song is a more fast-paced love song that starts out stating, “18, we were undergrads,” and moves through the phases of growing up in a relationship with someone.

Frank Ocean is a well known neo-soul artist who produces relaxing beachy, summertime music. The song has a darker meaning with lyrics about a woman who becomes increasingly more “lost” in the drug world. However, the meaning itself is slightly “lost” in the relaxing tone of Ocean’s voice as well as the groovy musical background. 

“help herself” is a relatable alternative song released in 2021. The lyrics are about someone who is going through a difficult time while simultaneously explaining a woman falling in love with someone who is falling out of love. Lyrically the song is depressing, however, the beat and chorus transform the music into a popular and catchy piece. 

Kyron’s picks

  1. Starship – “We Built This City” 
  2. Prince – “Partyman”
  3. Lil Dicky, Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan – “$ave Dat Money”

This classic was the debut single on the band’s album “Knee Deep in the Hoopla.” Amazing vocals by Mickey Thomas and Grace Slick plus the instrumentals of the band really give the song its flair and make it iconic. The song represents the rebellion of artists against unethical music industry executives and the shifting change of live performances.

The song was part of Prince’s album for the film “Batman” released in 1989. The song is prominently featured in the film in an entertaining scene in which the Joker and his minions break into a museum and deface artifacts. The song is upbeat and matches the comedic yet rebellious criminal activity of the scene. 

This song along with the music video is comedic yet the lyrics provide sensible and helpful advice for financial stability. The chorus by Fetty Wap is catchy and uplifting in a way. The song is great for listeners to end the week on a positive note. 

Grace’s picks

  1. Something Corporate – “Space”
  2. Arctic Monkeys – “I Wanna Be Yours”
  3. Mac Miller – “Come Back to Earth”

Something Corporate, a pop-punk band from the early 2000s, released the song “Space” as part of their album “North.” This upbeat punk song is perfect to air guitar in your room, belt out after a heart break or celebrate a new change. Something Corporate has that classic early 2000s sound. New releases from artists and bands Machine Gun Kelly, Blink-182 and Yellowcard emulate a similar sound. If you like the sound of them, you’ll like the sound of Something Corporate. 

This is The perfect song to either confess your love to your significant other or cry alone to. This song is part of Arctic Monkeys’ album “AM” This album solidified this band’s unique sound and this song has that classic Arctic Monkeys sound. The lyrics are poetic and can be translated with either happy or sad connotations. The song “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” became the fan favorite of the album, but this song is arguably better written and soulful. 

This song is part of the late Mac Miller’s album “Swimming” This is the first song of the album and there’s a reason. This song has a beautiful sound paired with beautiful lyrics, this song really showed Miller’s range and diversity. The song was the first step away from his iconic rapping, but the genre switch paid off for him. This song showed fans that he could not only put out upbeat fast rap music, but that he could also slow it down and release a lyrical piece as well.

Quade’s picks

  1. Cage The Elephant – “Cigarette Daydreams”
  2. Vance Joy – “Riptide”
  3. fun. – “Carry On”

“Cigarette Daydreams” has all the spaciness you’d expect from a Cage The Elephant track plus a killer hook and seemingly mystical lyrics.

Vance Joy is a relatively unknown artist, but he put himself into the spotlight with his hit “Riptide” which creates a simple harmony but is still addictive nonetheless. Acoustic guitar may seem like it wouldn’t make a catchy pop hit, but Vance Joy makes it work.

fun. has seemed to have left the mainstream for a while, but before that his 2013 hook “Carry On” spotlighted the uniquely resonant voice that fun. is known for, while also being able to convey pain.