Nutrition coaches for students, early bird pricing available


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NIU is making an effort to keep its students health-conscious through semester-long nutrition coaching.

By Laqes Davis, Lifestyle Writer

Come join the nutrition coaching starting Sept. 2 at the recreation center located on campus at 325 N Annie Glidden Road. Make sure to take advantage of the price reduction that ends on Sept. 4 before it returns back to standard prices on Sept. 5. 

The early bird price for coaching is a one-time fee of $49 for students, $69 for members of the recreation center and $89 for non-members. After Sept. 5, the price rises.

Meet with a professional nutrition coach during virtual or in-person visits. In-person visits take place in the coaching office in the recreation center’s indoor track. The virtual visits are held on Microsoft Teams. 

The coach will have you log eating habits and train you in picking healthy choices. Your coach will encourage healthy eating by providing hands-on cooking classes, grocery store tours and interactive workshops. 

Second-year graduate students in the nutrition and dietetics program will serve as your coaches. The coach you receive will be with you all semester. After enrollment your coach will ask for information on your health, habits and goals so that you can work on nutrition challenges. 

After enrollment, the coaching will begin on Sept. 5. Don’t worry about not being able to enroll after this date because you can enroll any time during the semester. Coaching ends the week before finals.

For more information, you can contact Meg Burnham at [email protected] or find out more at