What I’m watching this weekend: Northern Star Staff


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The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

It is Labor Day weekend and whether you’re out grilling or spending time with family, it can still be a good time to watch a show or movie. Here are some recommendations for the long weekend.

The Cuphead Show! (Netflix)

“The Cuphead Show!” is a slapstick comedy animated series that follows two brothers, Cuphead (voiced by Tru Valentino), and Mugman (voiced by Frank Todaro) who live with their grandfather, Elder Kettle (voiced by Joe Hanna), in a teapot cottage on Inkwell Isle. The brothers find themselves in misadventures throughout the series. 

Chad Moldenhauer and Jared Moldenhauer from studio MDHR are executive producers along with C.J Kettler from King Features Syndicate, Dave Wasson and Co-executive producer Cosmo Segurson. 

Lighthouse Studios animated the series and the first season was released on Feb. 18 and consisted of 12 episodes. Netflix ordered 36 episodes to be produced to be released as three seasons. The second season was released on Aug.19. –Laqes Davis, Lifestyle Reporter

Never Have I Ever (Netflix)

This coming-of-age comedy show stars Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet and Jaren Lewison and first premiered during quarantine when everyone was stuck inside and Netflix was actually providing decent content. Now for me, some shows that I started during that time didn’t make it out of that phase, but “Never Have I Ever” did. 

Now on season three of the Netflix original series, Devi (played by Ramakrishnan), is still getting herself in situations where 99% of the time they’re her own fault, but that is what makes her such a relatable and likable character. – Daija Hammonds, Lifestyle Editor

Spencer (Hulu)

“Spencer” was released in 2021 and stars Kristen Stewart, Sally Hawkins and Jack Farthing with Stewart portraying the late Princess Diana. It was a highly anticipated film as fans of Stewart thought this could be the movie that wins her an Oscar and people love a good biopic. 

The film follows Princess Diana celebrating Christmas of 1991 and having an existential crisis as she tries to decide whether to divorce Prince Charles or stay a part of the Royal Family. I’ve heard about how the cinematography in “Spencer” is amazing and I am curious to see Stewart in a movie that’s not “Twilight.” – Daija Hammonds, Lifestyle Editor