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A love letter to Spider-Man fans

Peter Parker’s Spider-Man looks over New York City during sunrise in the game “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.” The PS5 console game features two playable Spider-Man’s that contain new abilities. (Courtesy of YouTube)

With the month of October nearly complete, the month marks the release of Insomniac Games’ third Spider-Man game which, unlike the first two games, will exclusively be for the PlayStation 5. 

Officially known as “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2,” this action-style game is one of the only Spider-Man games that grants players such a massive amount of ways to play. From giving players the ability to choose which Marvel hero they want to play as when participating in small activities around the city, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. 

The main story of the game centers around both Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they fight against the main antagonist of the game, Kraven the Hunter, and his legion of Hunters while trying to stop them from killing Spider-Man’s previous enemies. 

As you progress through the story, Peter and Miles will continue to have their own issues that will start causing them mental stress and will slowly become evident to their peers.

Miles must find and capture his father’s killer which causes him great frustration as he would rather watch the killer suffer. On the other hand, Peter obtains the black suit, which was originally used by Harry Osborn, in order to keep himself alive. 

In order to save Peter’s life, Harry transfers the suit, which is actually an organic being, over to him. As Peter uses the suit more and more, it starts negatively impacting his thoughts and personality, slowly making him more malicious and animalistic. 

Peter and Miles have some completely new abilities that differ from the ones in the previous games. Peter’s abilities are completely different from the ones he had in the first game, while a portion of Miles’ abilities may seem familiar to players who played through the previous game.

Due to the stress from his father’s killer escaping from prison, the color of Miles’ lightning attacks have changed from yellowish-orange to a light blue color and his moves allow you to do more damage to an enemy after they have been hit by it. Miles also has a lot of his skills from the previous game such as camouflage, “Venom Dash”, and “Venom Punch”. 

Peter now has access to four mechanical arms that appear from his back. He uses these arms to fight multiple opponents and make combat easier. 

As players progress through the game, Peter will eventually obtain the “Symbiote Suit” which gives him access to new, powerful abilities. One such ability, “Symbiote Surge,” massively increases the damage you do and makes the combat and finishing attacks far more aggressive. 

Some enemies will have attacks that are completely unavoidable, and that’s where the new parrying mechanic comes in. By parrying an enemy’s attack, it saves you and makes the opponent take more damage instead which will be vital for boss fights or against multiple opponents. 

The movement options in any Spider-Man game are critical, and Insomniac Games added different options to help players move around the city quickly. Some of the more important mechanics are the ability to glide using the “web wings.” 

The web wings give both heroes the ability to glide, which really helps with moving around the larger-scale map. There are also currents of wind and updrafts around the city which help maintain your speed and height in order to keep you in the air for a longer period of time. 

Another option that helps with travel is the “Super Slingshots” available around the city from the start of the game. In order to give yourself a boost, you can use the slingshots to launch yourself into the air and either use your web wings or web shooters to swing naturally. There is also a skill which allows you to manually make a web slingshot wherever you want, but it launches you with considerably less force. 

With the vast amount of options available for players during combat, traversal across the map and a story will leave you guessing as to what will happen next. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 grants players the opportunity to enjoy an adventure with not one but two of their favorite web slingers.

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