Men’s golf: Huskies head to MAC Championships in Ohio

By Steve Shonder

Men’s golf has had a lot of practice beating MAC teams in the spring season; now that success gets put to the test.

The Huskies are headed to the MAC Championships Friday at the Mayfield Sand Ridge Club in Chardon, Ohio. They’ll play 36 holes Friday and 18 holes on Saturday and Sunday.

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Men’s golf will be trotting out the same lineup that’s brought it a pair of top-five finishes but head coach Tom Porten is switching up the order. Sophomore Joo-Young Lee is in the No. 1 spot, and he’ll be followed by sophomore Raphael Denais, junior Nick Huggins, freshman Patrick Murphy and junior Jordan Wetsch.

The Huskies come out on top in all 15 instances where they faced a MAC team this spring, which has them feeling confident, Porten said.

“It’s given them a really good sense of momentum as we’re gone from one tournament to the next,” Porten said. “They feel good about their chances going into this weekend because they’ve been consistently outperforming the schools. On one hand it gives us confidence in our ability. On the other every weekend’s different. But, I like the mindset our players are in going into the tournament.”

The Huskies finished sixth at the Boilermaker Invitational, beating out the Toledo Rockets by three strokes. Denais and Lee led the way with Denais scoring 215 and Lee finishing at 217.

The MAC Championships are played at a neutral site with the intentions that no team holds the advantage, but while every team has played at Sand Ridge recently, the Huskies have the inside scoop. Porten said he grew up nearby and has played at the course. He said the combination of past experience and his knowledge should help the team get a leg up.

The Huskies will need to consistently make putts. They won’t be facing up against the more challenging greens they’ve seen in the last few tournaments, but they have experience with the type of greens they can expect to see at Sand Ridge.

“In order to win the championship as a team we’re going to have our best putting weekend,” Porten said. “… If we can drive the ball on the fairway and make our three and six foot putts, that’s going to be the difference between first, second and third. The good teams are going to do all of those things well.”