Tips on how to fit a gym routine into your busy schedule


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Fitness classes at the Recreation Center include dance fitness, indoor cycling and more.

By Laqes Davis, Lifestyle Writer

Staying active as a college student is a great way to relieve stress after a long day of classes. The time spent engaging in physical activities can help with staying motivated throughout the semester. Exercise can increase focus and concentration. Having an active body makes for an active mind. 

You might wonder about what some easy routines are for staying fit this semester. Try exercising on a daily basis: in between classes, with friends or before work. Build a routine that best fits your schedule. 

Rahul Vellaturi, an international graduate student studying operations management and information systems, said, “In India, I didn’t go a single day without going to the gym. My daily routine changed once I came to America.” 

Some other simple ways of staying active are, taking fitness classes or downloading fun fitness apps, such as Nike Training Club or FitOn. Some fitness classes offered at the Recreation Center include indoor cycling, dance fitness and more. If interested, visit their website for more information.

Chris Quezada, a senior human resources major, believes that students should take advantage of the gym’s resources and remain active during the semester.

“I like exercising to make time pass by quicker, to be healthy and it’s something to do when I am bored on campus,” Quezada said. “Students should do exercises that are in their comfort zone over working out because it can cause extra stress and exhaustion which can affect your commitment.”

Another great tip is to try setting goals geared toward improving running duration or try adding more reps to increase the intensity of your workout. You can try adding an exercise routine to your study sessions by taking a break every fifteen minutes to do a five-minute workout before studying again. Make sure to repeat the process a couple of times throughout the study session. 

Danny Zefeldt said he recommends beginners go for walks around the neighborhood because it’s an easy routine and it doesn’t involve any exercise equipment. He said he believes students should maintain a healthy diet and stay active so it can transfer into the future when they’re done with school.

“Staying active is a good way to help with mental and physical health,” Zefeldt said. “I like to stay active and I don’t like to sit around. Students should stay active to relieve stress.”