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Let the stars guide you: understanding astrology

A circle of zodiac signs sits on top of a starry sky. Astrology is something many people believe makes a difference in their lives. (Getty Images)

The birth, existence and death of every star creates life all throughout our universe. Without the stars, our home here on Earth would not be this beautiful. 

But what if I told you the stars do more than create life? What if I told you they have a direct influence on our human affairs?  


Many people don’t believe in astrology, and who can blame them? Not everything is in the hands of the stars. There’s this sense of personal responsibility humans hold, and it will always override planetary influence. 

Planetary influence is a science. The planets in our solar system are more than just neighbors, but active participants in our existence here on Earth. A well-known fact is the moon’s gravitational force controls the tides. So if the moon can affect our planet why can’t the other planets?   

“Astrology is more of an intuitive art form that is based in the cycles of nature,” said Elena Beribak, a self-taught astrologist currently continuing her studies in Astrology through books. “It works with the cycles of nature and how they impact your energy and your personal development,” Beribak said.

The sun is at the center of our solar system, so it makes sense for it to be the core of our identity. 

The moon, which is said to control the tides, represents emotions, and just like the tides, our emotions come and go. 

Mars is about sex, aggression, passion and raw desire. 

Venus is the planet of beauty. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, your mind and how you think. 

Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion, where in your life do you need expansion or where in your life do you like to expand the most? 

Saturn is the planet of life lessons, boundaries and authority.

Lastly, Neptune is the planet of dreams, daydreams, imagination and your subconscious mind.  

These planets highlight the dominant aspects of our lives. 

“It (astrology) works with the cycles of nature and how they impact your energy and your personal development,” Beribak said. 

We know flowers bloom in the spring, but exactly what day and time they bloom is something we simply cannot determine. It’ll bloom when it is ready. That’s just how nature works, it’s unpredictable, and it is through that unpredictably we see that nature has a life of its own. 

As humans, we know chaos is part of our existence, yet it doesn’t have to be a constant part of our lives. This is where astrology comes in, to act as a tool to guide you through the energies of the week. This will improve your month, your year and eventually your entire life. 

But don’t let astrology run your life, you will always have the power to create a routine uniquely to you. 

Here are just a few suggestions on what you can incorporate into your life. 


Sunday, ruled by the sun, is known as a day of rest and self-care. Prioritize yourself, focus on your goals, reflect on your growth and, overall, prepare yourself for the week ahead with self-care activities. 

Monday, the day of the moon, is a day when you’re usually out and about, back to your daily grind. It’s important you make time for yourself on this day. Nourish yourself by doing things that nurture you. Dedicate time to doing something that fills your cup. 

Tuesday’s energies stem from Mars. This is a day of action. Complete a task you’ve been pushing off. Do something that gives you energy, go to the gym, complete a project. Use this energy to accomplish your goals.  

On Wednesday, think about ways you can improve your thinking and communication, then do it. Talk about something you’ve never talked about. Be open so you see things from a new perspective. Send out that email, phone a friend or set up a lunch date. Just go out and socialize, let yourself receive the energies that Mercury has to offer.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, rules over Thursday. Think about what you want to expand in your life. Do you want to increase your finances? Expand your social circle? Deepen connections? Try new extracurricular activities?  Lengthen your daily routine? Think about what area of your life you would like to expand, and take action towards it, and if you’re feeling lucky, buy a lottery ticket. 

Friday, the day everyone loves, is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. This is a good day to fall in love with yourself, the people, the places and the things around you. Go to a museum, go to your favorite town and take some pictures, get your nails done, read a good book. Focus on beauty and fill yourself with all that it is. This is a good way to end the week. 

And to top it off, saturday is ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons. Go out and have fun but maintain your boundaries. Practice your boundaries, enforce your boundaries and if you’re feeling triggered in some area, create new boundaries for yourself. Become aware of your life’s current state, and learn what lessons life is teaching you. 

At the end of the day, astrology is a tool for personal development. It’s best to see this as pepper and add it to your meal if you think it needs it.

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