Weekly horoscopes: Oct. 27 – Nov. 2

By Abigail Lamoreaux, Copy Editor

We are now in Scorpio season! The nights are descending sooner, and the air is taking on a bitter crispness. It will do us all a bit of good to savor the warm, quiet moments as they present themselves. If you’re going out for Halloween, don’t party too hard.


You need grounding. You’ve been living up in your head for so long, but this energy won’t last forever. By connecting to the earth however you can, this newfound equilibrium will spurn you forward.



Are you neglecting something (or someone) important? Reconnect to that thing or person if possible. Forgive yourself for the oversight and move on without shame.



Take a night in for yourself. You’ve been working so hard, and now it’s time to rest. It doesn’t have to be an entire evening committed to spa-level pampering; it just has to be long enough for you to catch your breath.



Toughen up. The days ahead will present unique challenges that you need to be prepared for. Ultimately, you’ll come out the other side unscathed. The journey to this other side could take weeks or months, or perhaps only a few hours, so conserve your energy however you can.



Get in touch with your fanciful side. Find magic where you can and play around in it. Nature is calming down to prepare for winter, but that doesn’t mean you need to just yet. Stoke your inner fire.



Scratch a long-standing itch. Stop holding yourself back from doing that thing you’ve been too scared to commit to. Make the leap. Your future self will thank you for taking a risk.



Listen to a new music genre. You might end up hating it, but even so, you’ll have learned something about yourself. Any and all self-discovery is encouraged at this time.



Happy birth season! You might feel particularly vulnerable at this time, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. Whether you choose to take on defense or offense to it, know that your emotions are valid. 



Explore! Whether you choose to execute this through research or adventuring outside, it will do you good to go out and discover something. Your body and soul crave the pursuit of knowledge.



Embrace your mysterious side. There is peace in darkness that you have yet to experience. Turn on a classic Halloween movie like “Young Frankenstein” (1974) or “The Addams Family” (1991) to help set the mood.



Find time to reminisce this week. The nostalgia may leave you emotional, but that’s OK. The goal is to remember the good times so that you feel inspired to create more good times.



You are not a charity case. Don’t pity yourself for your faults, and don’t let others pity you. Eat something nutritional whenever you can this week for an extra boost of energy.


Zodiac photos: Getty Images