Weekly horoscopes: Nov. 24 – Nov. 30


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Zodiac constellations on background of hand drawn astrological symbols in engraving style.

It’s Sagittarius season! Life may feel chaotic at this time, whether because of Thanksgiving, family matters or finals approaching. (Perhaps it’s all three!) Know that your feelings are valid, and treat yourself with kindness.


Are you struggling to look on the bright side? Much like your fellow fire signs, the cold and damp weather may leave you feeling unmotivated. Listen to some music you know will pump you up and keep going!


Practice listening. It’s easy to become stuck in your own patterns of self-serving, which can be hard on your loved ones. You’re not a bad person; you just may need to put yourself in other people’s shoes a bit more.


You fear you will crack under pressure. In your head, you must either tough it out or negotiate fairer circumstances. Despite whether self-advocacy comes easily to you, continue strengthening this muscle.


Be present with others. It may be tempting to focus on other important tasks you may have this week. It’s OK to work hard on those tasks but remember that people want to spend time with you, not with the efforts of your labor.


Your dedication to your work may be tested soon. You get to make the decision whether you will hide from the challenge, give up or confront the work head-on. If you need, reach out to your peers for extra help.


Establish clear boundaries. The upcoming holidays may be difficult for you, but you will be OK as long as you respectfully let others know exactly what you will and will not tolerate. You’ll get through this.


Practice humility. You deserve to be recognized for your talents, but don’t let the praise get to your head. There’s always more to learn; it’s your responsibility to seek out that improvement.


Mystery will eventually stop serving you. Make your intentions clear with others, and you will find that they will be much more receptive to you. This goes for anyone from classmates to significant others.


Happy birth season! It’s easy to be overwhelmed right now. You may be tempted to slow down, and it’s OK to do so, but be cautious that your well-earned efforts to relax are not actually avoidance of your duties.


Do you feel as if you’ve fallen behind? Take comfort in the knowledge that your friends and loved ones will do everything they can to catch you up. You’re not alone, and you will be able to pull through.


You’re naturally full of gratitude. Perhaps you think you don’t deserve all the love and support you’re given. Know that people do care about you, and you need to do nothing in return to deserve or accept their kindness.


Embrace healthy distractions. If you continue to be stimulated by negativity, it will become harder to relax when such an opportunity presents itself. Take the time to be gentle with yourself.